Myofascial Release-  A variety of release  
techniques  to ease  the
restrictions  and pain between your
muscles and connective tissue.

60 minutes  ~  $100.00
90 minutes  ~  $150.00
Customized Therapeutic Massage
A personalized massage and bodywork plan that
best fits your individual needs. Your therapist will
discuss your specific needs and will tailor a massage
for you. (styles may include Swedish, Deep Tissue,
Lomi Lomi, Reflexology, SMrT, Myofascial
Release, and aromatherapy).

60 minutes  ~  $100.00
90 minutes  ~  $150.00
Paraffin Hand DipA warm, soothing
liquid that helps ease the discomfort from carpal
tunnel and arthritic hands.
A perfect add on to your choice of
massage treatments. ~ $10.00
Services are provided by  scheduled appointments Monday to Friday.  Call today to
schedule your healing time to achieve an abundant life.
Phone: 970-379-6187
Raindrop TherapyDetoxify your body
and boost your immune system with Young Living  
essential oils.
A client favorite.

60 minutes ~ $100.00
Client Services- Hands On
Client Services- In person or teleconference
Aromatherapy Assessment-
Enjoy a private consultation on aromas that
will best relieve stress and emotional
imbalances  in your life.

We only recommend Young Living
Therapeutic Grade Essentials oils because
they are the world leader in essential oils.

60 minutes ~ $80.00
Wellness Consultation- We review
your current health challenges and find
healthy alternatives to conquer those
challenges to achieve an abundant life.

60 minutes ~ $80.00
Gift Certificates Available
Prices subject to change.
Call 970-379-6187
Call 970-379-6187
Special package
60 minute treatments (save $15.00 per session)

3- 60 minute treatments           $255.00
5- 60 minute treatments           $425.00
11- 60 minute treatments         $935.00

90 minute treatments
(save $20.00 per session)

3- 90 minute treatments           $390.00
5- 90 minute treatments           $650.00
11- 90 minute treatments         $1430.00